Friday, 28 June 2013

Memory work 3

LR's children (2012/13)

LR's child 1 (2012)
Materials: hand-me-down wool/polyester mixtureDimensions: 41 cm x 31 cm

LR’s boy (2012)
Materials: hand-me-down wool/polyester mixture
Dimensions: jumper 29 cm x 15 cm, pants 16 cm x 13 cm

LR’s child 3 (2013)
Materials: crocheted from hand-me-down wool/polyester mixture
Dimensions: 22 cm x 26.5 cm
LR’s child 4 (2013)
Dimensions: 19 cm x 27.5 cm
Materials: crocheted from hand-me-down wool/polyester mixture

LR’s children (2012/13)

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Monday, 3 June 2013

Memory work 2

Soldier's child (2013)
Dimensions: 66.5 cm x 39.5 cm

Materials: crocheted from wool/polyester yarn

I seem to have moved away from producing a single object and have become fascinated with exploring series, groupings, families of artworks, tracing relationships, shared qualities, differences.