Sunday, 18 December 2011

From all of us to all of you!

Nicholas Serota: So what is the purpose of art?
Gerhard Richter: For surviving this world. One of many, many (purposes)… like bread, like love.

Art and bread and love for all of us!
Happy holidays!

Monday, 5 December 2011

Finally, long overdue...

I am pleased to announce that I've got a fully up-to-date website! The old one, originally put up by a friendly acquaintance, was six years out of date, due to lack of funds, web-design knowledge and energy. Aly Helyer, an artist I met during our show at Core Gallery told me about a very simple and affordable package where you can customise templates and don't have to write code or anything. I finally took courage and tried MrSite out and here it is: Simple, clean, to the point. That's all I need. A small step for humankind, a big step for yours truly.