Sunday, 18 December 2011

From all of us to all of you!

Nicholas Serota: So what is the purpose of art?
Gerhard Richter: For surviving this world. One of many, many (purposes)… like bread, like love.

Art and bread and love for all of us!
Happy holidays!


redredday said...

happy holidays to you too Marjojo! enjoy the time with your family xxo

is this another dress for seven sisters? looks so familiar. this red always make me think of you ♡

A rambling rose said...

that is a lovely greeting Marjo - thank you - wishing you small joyful moments in 2012 and a merry Christmas! I went to see the Richter last week and enjoyed it very much!

mansuetude said...

Art and bread and love for all of us! Happy holidays! Oh how beautiful, beautiful.

I toast to this with you (all of you/us) too. (might have to paste this to my tumblr) o, was just on your other webpage, the five perfect maidens made me stop and stare and just become voiceless with feelings. thank you.

Happy New Year!

Marjojo said...

Thanks, dear all.
Mien, this is not a new work, or at least not in terms of the crochet, I photoshopped the photograph of a single dress made years ago (which actually doesn't exist in that form anymore). And you're right, it's 'my' red.

Anonymous said...

Love your new website a perfect vehicle for your lovely artwork. I've bookmarked you!