Sunday, 26 September 2010

Giddy 2

The private view at Core Gallery on Thursday was glorious - lots of friends had trekked to Deptford, and Mien and John were really, surreally there. The show (paintings, exquisite drawings, collages, sculpture, crochet…) is beautifully hung. My Gym turtle shines on its own small wall and with a spotlight trained on it. Tickled with love is perfect right next to a series of small, haunting paintings by Edd Pearman.
Great news: My name was called out with those of two other artists, Aly Helyer and Tom Butler. We were offered a three person-show in 2011 at Core Gallery! I am quite excited about this, not only because of the opportunity to exhibit, but by the coming together of three artists who in their very different media share sensibilities (an interest in what lies behind the surface, what creeps out from the unconscious) and can put together a coherent and challenging, vibrant show.

The exhibition at Core Gallery is open until 3 OCTOBER 2010
Mon - Weds by appointment, Thursday - Sunday 11-6pm

Monday, 20 September 2010


My Five perfect maidens, last shown at the Arthouse in Wakefield, weave their magic in a new dwelling, with a very dear friend, and as the five empty pins on my wall pronounced their absence silently but fiercely I decided to crochet a new set. This one leads the way…
Otherwise I've made a tiny wedding present and am trying to prepare for the excitements of the private view on Thursday night at Core Gallery. It promises to be a very interesting exhibition - the list of artists is impressive and I can't wait to see how my work looks surrounded by art in different media. What catapults my excitement to giddy levels is that Mien will be there. Yes, Mien, my lovely blogger-friend from the US, is in England and will come to the private view! We've been visiting each other's blogs for a couple of years but have never spoken or met. Wow. Welcome, Mien and John, and can't wait to see you...

Materials: Crocheted from artificial hair,
coat-hanger made from twig and wire
Dimensions: 24 cm by 30 cm