Monday, 20 September 2010


My Five perfect maidens, last shown at the Arthouse in Wakefield, weave their magic in a new dwelling, with a very dear friend, and as the five empty pins on my wall pronounced their absence silently but fiercely I decided to crochet a new set. This one leads the way…
Otherwise I've made a tiny wedding present and am trying to prepare for the excitements of the private view on Thursday night at Core Gallery. It promises to be a very interesting exhibition - the list of artists is impressive and I can't wait to see how my work looks surrounded by art in different media. What catapults my excitement to giddy levels is that Mien will be there. Yes, Mien, my lovely blogger-friend from the US, is in England and will come to the private view! We've been visiting each other's blogs for a couple of years but have never spoken or met. Wow. Welcome, Mien and John, and can't wait to see you...

Materials: Crocheted from artificial hair,
coat-hanger made from twig and wire
Dimensions: 24 cm by 30 cm


redredday said...

me too i am giddy! i leave today!! :D.

oh Marjojo i can't help feel sad that your Five Perfect Maidens have found a new home...i've gotten so strangely attached to them...but good to know that it will lead to new work. they are still yours no matter where they are.

oh yay i am going to see you and your work in person soooooon!

daniel said...

Congratulations on re-housing your work!

lasuza said...

I am so excited for both of you to be meeting in the days...enjoy.

Erin Curry said...

Ah! I'm so glad you and Mien are going to meet! It's a beautiful world where we can get to know someone through the beautiful things we make and the inner thoughts of ourselves, perhaps rarely shared even with those we see on a daily basis. Been thinking about how I can place both of your work and the voice you two write in, but how I'd probably not realize if I passed you on the sidewalk or heard you in a cafe. Have a lovely time together I'm sure it will be special.

Marjojo, It's gratifying to hear those maidens found a home, they are some of my favorite works of yours and I've been thinking on them lately, wondering about their inner life, the myths they tell themselves. To hear you are making sisters for them is a special treat.

Congratulations too on the show, everyone's work looks stunning and shy gym turtle is bound to make friends.

Uschi said...

How very very wonderful!
I'm wishing you two a superbe time together.!!!
All the very best for Thursday!
I would be giddy, too!

lasuza said...

I just looked at the Core Gallery exhibiton. It's so exciting that your works been chosen. I am really happy for you. Thrilled that your work will be out there on the walls, sitting in gallery spaces.