Saturday, 15 December 2007

Tiny wings, big wishes

I’m signing off my blog for this year, crocheting hook and writing utensils have long sunk to the wayside while Xmas-stuff has taken over (I did try to resist). Thanks to all of you who visited, read, observed, commented, it was lovely to meet you - you inspired and supported and made me look and think afresh and I'm already impatient for further encounters in the new year.
So for now onwards and upwards and towards a world with more art, poetry, music, theatre, loving, friendship and exchanges of all kind and less war, fighting, division, hierarchiy and power over.



redredday said... cute those wings. i was wondering what you were talking about. the day before you mentioned fixing your wings, i broke some wings off of a little angel ornament by accident and they are still waiting to be fixed. i know, again, a little stretch of a connection but still it is strange how these little things connect like that, no? yes. ;).
btw, your haircut looks great from the back. hope you are having a good time with your family and enjoying the holiday glow and warmth. excited for what you'll be sharing with us in the new year!

natasha said...

thank YOU for the wonderful words and art that you put here for me to be inspired by! happy holidays yourself!

Feltbug said...

Happy times to you too - I love the image of your wings. It has been a great inspiration reading your words and seeing your work in progress this year. Have a very Happy New Year. Mandy xxx

cally said...

here here to all you said winged one.
sending you the very best wishes for the last days of 07 and wishing you a new year filled with smells from the plants in the garden, and hopefully some from beyond too.

thanks for helping nurture my creative past into a creative future. happy hols M and enjoy the fluttering of your wings.

Catherine said...

Happy new year to you to, may there be lots of new discoveries keeping us afloat as artist searching for that fleeting experience, expression and inspiration.

Uschi said...

I hope -I hope you're still enjoying your wings!
May they be the strongest ever :))