Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Lopsided (12)

Following on from the photo described in my last post where E.’s legs are all but invisible I made a set of drawings some years ago. At the time I had a stamp made from a small (unfortunately very bad) drawing: the figure remains the same while the ‘legs’ shiftshape and become ever more incongruous - as do the phantasies and projections we indulge in when faced with and shaken but perhaps unmoved by the mystery of an other. I’ve got a whole stack of these drawings somewhere, found three on my computer the other day – perfect timing.


lasuza said...

Dear Marjojo,
It's late on a Friday night I am off travelling again tomorrow. My bags are packed, I will cross the sea at midday on Saturday with my family. Thank-you for your kind comments and for your delicate, moving work. I am thinking of you before I put myself to bed, weary but ready for a little adventure.
Be well and keep making your words and objects.

Anonymous said...

What size are the drawings? I think the stamp is a good technique to make an endless repetition, permutation, mutation, possibly overlaid, your transparent surfaces?

Marjojo said...

Lesley, the sheets are A4. Bit stuck at the moment with my lopsided-project, too much else on, can't focus, but hope to get on with it soon.