Sunday, 20 June 2010

Growing pains (Changeling 2)

While I was gearing up for my exhibition in Wakefield - writing a presentation of my work which I wanted to deliver on opening night, organising the minutiae of stay and travel that need to be in place when you've got M.E. and need lots of help, and getting a bit feverish with it all - I crocheted these underpants as part of my Changeling-series. It felt right to give them this shape: they are like a comfort blanket (the material is very soft, a splendid wool and silk mixture). Working on them in bed calmed me. I started at the top and crocheted my way down, thinking back to the woollen pants my great aunt knitted for me when I was small, in baby blue. They were a bit scratchy and to my relief shrunk in the wash and only fitted one of the dolls I didn't play with much.
The show at the Arthouse is still on, go see!

Dimensions: 21 cm x 74 cm
Materials: JaggerSpun Zephyr Wool-Silk


Anonymous said...

I would love to go if the show was not so far away from the West Country.

Catherine said...

these lovely 'pants' remind me of the swimsuit, yes swimsuit my grandma knitted for me. And when I went into the see it stretched long, long down to my knees. I was small enough that it looked cute, as the remaining photo shows. lol. It has a happy feel to it indeed, even though different to your emotion. C.x.

lasuza said...

Felicitations, congratulations and many good things to you Marion in all languages.

mansuetude said...

scratchy scritchy and hot to imagine since its so warm out (here) ... lovely long and full of poetic resonance as Always!

redredday said...

so pretty the pattern and color...and then to imagine wearing it and being suffocated by terrible. i can barely breathe thinking about it. i love your Changeling series, Marjojo.