Thursday, 12 August 2010

When I grow up I'm gonna be a suffragette (Changeling 3)

My artwork is around me again, which is lovely because I like living with it, but also a bit sad, one: because I didn't sell, two: because it's the full stop to the exhibition in Wakefield. Yes, the show is over, and I'm feeling very tired and a bit empty, but I'm hoping it is a step into a professional future.
This is the newest piece for my changeling series (see posts of 20 June and 21 April). Underwear ruminations are the formal starting point - I'm having fun with the proliferation of shapes. A new one is in work already and a few more are making a clamour in my head, wanting to be made now.

Dimensions: 39.5 cm x44 cm
Materials: JaggerSpun Zephyr Wool-Silk


Anonymous said...

I feel flat everytime I finish a piece of work it must be worst for you after a show here's to new work maybe an army of suffragettes as long as the clamouring in your head stops!

Susan Kruse said...

There is so much hoping that goes into an exhibition... Will this be the breakthrough show? Will I get a good review? Will anyone buy my work? It is a huge amount of pressure. And when the work comes back, you're glad to have it home and disappointed it didn't sell...
Well, I for one am so glad you went through all that and I got to see your work. Thank you!
And this work...adorable. They must look wonderful all those Changelings together.

Uschi said...

it's always like a rollercoaster, the adrenaline, the fears, the happiness...emptiness in the end.
I absloutely admire you!

Changeling Nr 3 appears very alpine to me, like a Bavarian dressing :))well they're very anarchistic people there, hehee

redredday said...

this one is so hopeful and pretty. with the title together, it makes me think of that innocent way when you feel anything is possible and you can change the world. i like how the underwear shape also transforms to that of a chest, wearing the center piece like an honorary badge.
i love love this Changeling series.