Wednesday, 30 March 2011

We were wicked, we were wild

This is one of two works I showed at 48 Hours. It was an interesting little show, with photographers and painters and a video-artist. My pieces breathed from the walls amidst lots of rectangles. Originally I thought of 'them' more like Hänsel and Gretel-figures, lost, abandoned children, but when I was considering titles I decided to go for a different angle, steer away from anxiety and abjection towards something more open. 'We were wicked, we were wild' adds another dimension, I hope. Different, yes, vulnerable, yes, but maybe I'm tentatively feeling my way towards the freedom that lies in difference. There's strength in numbers too.
I also like them laid out, and am getting more interested in folding. Actually I'm crocheting a piece now just so I can fold it.

Materials: two viscose embroidery threads and one woollen one
Dimensions: 19 x 29.5 cm and 18.5 x 31 cm

Great news this morning: The Arthouse have had their Arts Council grant renewed! I can't think of an arts organisation that deserves it more. The Arthouse is singular in the comprehensive support and encouragement it offers to artists of all physical abilities. It is a great facilitator - no labels are applied to the artist - the first focus is always the art. The well-thought out package: tailor-made building (I've never been in a building before where access has been considered on such a level - brilliant!), flat, studios, exhibitions, courses, communication, networking, and utterly committed staff - is one of a kind. Congratulations, dear Arthouse - wished there were more of you everywhere!


Anonymous said...

I think you have something going in the folding (creasing?) of your textile pieces. Surfaces hidden,partially concealed, discovery denied. Yes and good news for Arthouse!

A rambling rose said...

I really like the folded pieces - great news about The Arthouse - like you said very well deserved

mansuetude said...

yes, the folding did indeed do something to me, pause, emotion, no words.

i think changing the title away from H&G did really open up a new. a place unfettered by the story's journey.

Congrats on the journey of the changelings, too.

redredday said...

i love the title of this one. makes me think of fun and mischief. happy evilness. ahaha.
i can't decide which way i like better - folded or not folded, although i really love the second image of the unfolded one. i think i like going back and forth on it.
the pairing of the two pieces is just so sweet. i love it more the more i look at it.