Sunday, 29 May 2011

One and one walked hand in hand

I'm thinking about art and narrative, story-telling. Had been crocheting this little duo for weeks, and suddenly a poem flew into my head when a friend took me to the sea-side. Don't see them as one meaning the other - look at them side by side!

Materials: crocheted from wool/acrylic mixture and cotton
Dimensions: outfit 1: 48 cm x 57 cm, outfit 2: 38 cm x 44 cm


One and one walked hand in hand
an apple to share, a rag doll to tend
and much too much to say

of leering elders, God on their tongues
while fingers fondled, shadows clung.
Away, they walked, away.

They'd heard of the sea, the end of the land
followed a murmur, or was it a scent
or colours they'd never seen?

And the apple was eaten, the rag doll dropped
but no-one was beaten and the sea never stopped
to promise its clear embrace.

On and on they went. Not a word was spoken
'till one said 'I' and the other 'yes?'
and the spell was finally broken.

They tore words off their tongues no child should know
told of places where nothing but silence grows
and weariness, worn like a hole-riddled skin.

Did they walk in circles? Was the sea near?
Their steps were steady, breath fast with fear
of the elders' all-seeing eyes.

They slept in forests, slept in fields
on cool dark earth, its scent so sweet
and moon's milky light wove a blanket.

Finally, there, a salty smell
the sound of waves, soon pebbles and shells -
a lightness lapped at their hearts.

And the sun warmed their skin, but did not touch
the wind kissed their faces, but not too much
and two remembered their names.


lasuza said...


redredday said...

yes yes this is so good, Marjojo. the crochet work is beautiful and so right in that skin color and form. i love these worlds that you create and turn upside down for us to know of another way, another story revealed. the art and the narrative are such strong pieces on their own as well as together. each line of the writing flows so well. definitely one of my favorites.

mansuetude said...

love the poem, the ending, and this "Not a word was spoken
'till one said 'I' and the other 'yes?'
and the spell was finally broken."

i tumblr'd two images i loved from the art review; hope that is ok. If you don't want them out there, i can remove them in a wink, just send me a note. You did a beautiful provocative event.


Lesley B. said...

Placed together but in isolation from each other. Male, female. Only your poem suggests a relationship between the two. For me an incredibly vulnerable visual work unable to touch or reach out. More 'duo' pieces as their predicament unfolds?

Susan Kruse said...

It is so exciting to see all the work you are making and having the exhibition - which looks fabulous by the way. I think the curator/s did an excellent job bringing you all together, it was inspired.
Thank you for taking the time to say hello on my blog - I have had to take some time out to get to grips with this 'new' me who turns out to have been old me all along! I'll be back blogging very soon.

lasuza said...

Hello Marion,

I just wanted to leave a message to Susan here as I can't find your blog. Glad to hear that you're doing fine. Looking forward to reading and looking at your blog again soon,

Susan Kruse said...

Marion and Lasuza
Thank you my lovelies. Blog will be up later this week I hope.

onirical said...

Nice and strong piece.
Thanks for your thoughtful comment about studio work on my blog. Perfect timing when I read it. Yes I agree we've got to make the best of what we can do in individual circumstances. Got me thinking a bit more about choice of material/media. You seem to have found 'the' media in which to express your language; it's the beauty of textile art, and poetry!