Monday, 1 August 2011

Regression blues

This is a little thing with a big name. Just now only time and energy for little things as I've been busy packing up work to send off to exhibitions. Needed to learn about 'proper' packing actually, important, it's not like I'm sending a piece or two, more six or seven, a small body of work, and they are going further afield, which makes me anxious until I know the pieces have arrived safely. Five pieces are in Brighton now, next my Changelings will go off to Lithuania for the Kaunas Biennial TEXTILE 11: REWIND-PLAY-FORWARD, and a couple of other things are in the pipeline which need attending to in tiny energetic bouts. I'm esp. sad that I can't go to Lithuania myself, meet other artists, see the work, attend the conference, am half-tempted to fall into the cardboard box and send myself of too. No money coming in, I never sell, alas; loads going out, for boxes, couriers, etc. My mom chipping in, bless her. Social life (incl. blogging), small as it is, shrinking towards 0, but needs must, I'm trying to build myself a professional future and while I'm lying on the floor my art flies into the world, a bit like a glorious kite, to which I'm the tail that trails along merrily.
Materials: crocheted from cotton thread. Dimensions: 25 cm x 37 cm


Cally said...

The kite, wonderful, really captures the feeling and the importance of your work being out there. So thrilled that you are making, and exhibiting despite the difficulties.

And in response the the previous post, it does indeed almost always evoke childhood memory/emotions when I look at your work. Feelings of how I felt, differentness. Of things that would catch my eye, the unusual, the imperfect, which in my eyes is far more beautiful.

And the concentration and repetition shows in your work too, more so than the same stitches in conventional crochet clothing. It heightens my awareness of the process, and therefore the form you have ended up with (knowing that it may have had previous forms along the way).

Ugh, getting too tired to say more, but basically I feel like your work matters to me.

Enjoy your beautiful kite tails. May it fly well and safely to Lithuania.

Susan Kruse said...

Well done you! I can hardly imagine that you are exhibiting and sending your work out into the world when I think of how you were a couple of years ago. Success of a monetary kind will come too, I promise!

Lesley B. said...

I can remember when you talked about giving up visual art at one time. How fortunate that you didn't make that decision. Wishing you every success for the future. You are doing so well.

A rambling rose said...

What an inspiration you are - an energetic creative spirit that is spreading small wonders in the world!! I smiled at the image of you in the box with your work - artist included!!! Lovely - take care of yourself