Wednesday, 5 October 2011

KAUNAS TEXTILE BIENNIAL '11 in Lithuania is in full swing. If you'd like to get an impression of REWIND PERSONAL STORY, have a look at Andrea Milde's blog, who photographed what is a great variety of beautiful, vibrant, interesting work. My participation has become a bit of a challenged and anxious affair. I was distressed to see from Andrea's photographs that one of my changelings had been placed upside down - it should be corrected by now. There's also a mistake in my text on the biennial's website, someone made a change without checking with me first, and got it wrong. Hope that will be corrected too. The whole thing raises questions for me about sending one's work off to be exhibited and how to best deal with the loss of control that brings as to its presentation. Still, my work was selected, and is there, and I'm learning a lot.
Moving on. What about making art? Mostly I've been unravelling work lately. During the last few months almost all of my not very plentiful energies were spent on what I call arts-organisation and the actual art-making went on the back-burner, alas. It is not enough to produce one's work - we need to write statements, applications, help with press-releases, organise (and usually pay for) the transport of work to and from exhibitions… Never mind things like keeping our web-sites updated (long overdue and next on the list), maintaining real and virtual networks, etc. etc. and of course doing it all really well.
Still - there's a new piece. I think I prefer it folded. For now it's called Say my name! Say my name!

Materials: wool and cotton, doll's wig
Dimensions: stretched out to its full length 27 cm x 75 cm

PS. Had good news this morning. The exhibition at PSL in Leeds was reviewed in Aesthetica Magazine and my work especially highlighted.


Erin Curry said...

Congratulations Marjojo. I'm so happy you're getting recognition for your work. I looked at the other work at the event an there's no doubt in my mind yours belongs there and holds it's own.

I love this new piece, she's rather startling. Boing boing curls jumping with excitement . . .

Your concerns about showing and promoting and organizing and loss of control reflect my own. It's all so much work, I love it too because it must be done, but the sending of work out has its very real risks. I had the sad news this week that the glass (I know I know) glazing on two of my large drawings shattered in shipping on the way home and cut up the drawings they were meant to protect. The work was shipped uninsured by the gallery (as much my fault for not specifically requesting it as the gallery's). Fortunately the gallery has been really helpful, but it's upsetting as I've lost two unsold drawings (and the frames) in one go and they were coming home only for a week or two before going to another show . . . bah. I don't think it will really hit me til they are properly home and I can see them with my own eyes. Lesson learned, NO glass (even if it looks much better than plexi)

redredday said...

awww you guys i'm sorry to hear of the mishaps of sending work to be exhibited. hope these things won't happen again later.

Marjojo, me too i found this new work startling. it gave me chills when i first saw it and felt uncomfortable lingering on it. it's those curls - eerie and beautiful at the same time. i like it both folded and unfolded. unfolded, it makes me think of being a grown-up who still feels like a child and can't quite fit into the real world. perhaps i am projecting myself in there. ahaha. folded, it is full of mystery and creepiness.

frillip moolog: said...

Hello Marion
I'm so pleased that you were able to get your work seen in Lithuania. Despite the setback with your work being exhibited wrongly at least you have been able to get it corrected. It is still so good that you are getting your work 'out there'. I am a great fan of Tilleke Schwarz and noticed that she is also in this show.
I saw you across the room at Core gallery last week but sadly we didn't get the chance to chat. Next time I am in London I will try and contact you in advance.