Saturday, 26 November 2011

One of four

I can’t quite believe that the year is drawing to its end already. Time for a review maybe? On the good side: I’ve taken part in quite a few exhibitions, in the UK and abroad. Or I should say, my work has. The most important show was Extra-Ordinary at Core Gallery, partly because it was beautifully curated, partly because we (three artists) were involved in the processes that bring an exhibition fully into the world, i.e. press-releases, interviews, presentations, and I learned a lot. It also laid the foundation for a rewarding relationship with Core Gallery, and esp. Rosalind Davis, founder/ curator/artist/writer/all-around-the-arts energy bundle… As part of their DIY-Educate programme I had the opportunity to attend an artist’s talk, a talk by curators, a tutorial, and even presented a piece of work to other artists one sunny afternoon, when the sofa was made to move with me, so I could lie down when I needed to. Again, I learned a lot, had fun doing so and started feeling a bit more connected with other artists.
On the not so good side: my M.E. seemed to be on the brink of getting better and then got a bit worse – fodder for frustration and listless laments, as you can imagine. But something good is happening here too: there might be a new or additional diagnosis, and although I can’t know what that will bring, new avenues are being explored and that must be a good thing.
So looking back I feel like a Jackie in the box who was occasionally catapulted into the world for brief but dramatic instances and then, again and again, fell dimly and limply back with the lid closing firmly over her for a rather long time. That box has a little light though, and in its shine I continue to imagine and crochet new pieces. A stitch here, a stitch there...
How was your year?


Material: crocheted from a wool/polyester mixture
Dimensions: 50.5 cmx 38 cm

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Cally said...

Lots of new pieces since my last visit, all food for the soul. You've acheived so much this year in the face of your M.E. I hope the new/additional diagnosis brings new avenues for dealing with things. Often just the possibility of new options can be so beneficial can't it.

My own year has been one of my lowest M.E.-wise, mainly because I had to over exert in the face of the extreme snow last December. But on the good side I've recently had two sessions with a woman who works with your nervous system to sort of 'reset' it and help it deal better with things, which in turn should help with a lot of M.E. related stuff. It's a once every 3 weeks thing so it will take a while to see how effective it is but I'm hopeful.

I look forward to seeing what wonders you will make and which parts of the world your pieces will travel to next year.