Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Tidbit 5

...But as you can see I'm 'up' again. And learning. After the twitter-feat described a few posts ago was found wanting it was time for experiment no 2, with the indomitable and ever supportive Rosalind Davis, who suggested to connect me to the talk given by Cathy Lomax and Alli Sharmaartists, curators and directors of independent artist led-gallery Transition Gallery via Skype. Exciting! Of course I checked out their art beforehand – gorgeous: two painters who explore the modulations of desire through popular culture from their different vantage points… Rosalind introduced me to Dropbox and made the artists’ powerpoint presentation available to me: photographs of artworks, exhibitions, locations. Oh yes!...

If you'd like to read more go to Sleep-drunk I dance

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Erin Curry said...


It's exciting to hear of your adventures in figuring out how to plug into the community and I feel the frustration of when things don't work as hoped.
I was wondering how much a wireless mic might cost and if a donation could be set up, so one person need not bear the brunt of one on their own. Maybe a paypal donation box?

Keep going my friend.

I tried commenting over there today, but they require registration and it was more of a time commitment than I was willing to spend. Will get to it when I can.