Saturday, 9 June 2007

A stitch here, a stitch there

Although ME has not clouded my imagination I have not been able to do much – so no writing for my blog nor could I continue with my newest hair-dress, alas. Have not stopped entirely though, my art-making is always the very last thing to go, I cling to it for my sense of self beyond illness and if I can help it I will at least hold my current weapon of choice, the lovely crocheting hook, in my hand, and attempt a few stitches. My garden has been my delight, no matter how tired, I could every now and then do a couple of steps outside and drink in the green glory of it. So no surprise that I’ve been crocheting wool-and-hair-flowers, very very slowly, a stitch here, a stitch there, but grow they did.
I’ve been thinking about how much to talk about my ME in my blog, not wanting to have my artwork being seen through that (distorted) lens and labelled, so I’ve kept it in the background, but lately I’ve felt so bad that it’s dominated everything. Obviously I’m a bit better now, I’m sitting here typing this, hooray, but a bit is the operative word. Relapses are hard to take but one of the things that has been quite wonderful was that wrapped up in cloudy ME-blues I received lovely messages about my artwork and my blog from artist- and other bloggers and I want to draw your attention to some of them as they’ve got really good blogs going too and my imagination has been sparked in new directions. ME can make you feel like you’re completely separate from the world, so thank you for finding me: cally creates, tatting my doilies, sighbirdrift.


Jade said...

That dress with all those tentacles looks fabulous! Good to hear from you, great that you are a bit better (even if only a bit).

I empathize with your wondering about blogging about ME. I have similar wonderings about that sort of thing myself. For now i have completely avoided it, partly because i think if i started i would not be able to stop blogging about it, in an effort to truly explain it. Not that 'it' is necessarily anything like ME in my case.
I really do admire those that are really up-front about that kind of thing, though. Puts a face on something anonymous and clinical. Well maybe not a face, but a personality.

MoonChild said...

ME means the spirit/the inside of you?
sometimes as i can't fully understand your words, there's a space left for me to imagine~~ just give me a time to seprate from the reality!

"wrapped up in cloudy ME-blues "
"ME can make you feel like you’re completely separate from the world"