Saturday, 19 May 2007

Time out

Very tired, succumbing to bad bout of ME. Last act: bought some more hair on Thursday! Back soon.


Feltbug said...

I hope you are feeling better soon - thinking of you and sending you love :)

Kruse said...

Get better soon, need your inspiration in this cyber world.
Big Hugs.

cally said...

just found you via feltbug, wow, your work is gorgeous! I'd like to show some on my blog, though I'm a bit backdated with people I need to show right now, but maybe in June? Would you mind?

always good to see other people being creative despite ill health. infact, i suppose it feeds our creativity in many ways. your dresses are stunning, when I'm feeling a bit better i'd love to read through your previous posts for more of your story and images.

great blog.

ps, you should own my head, it sheds long blonde hair everywhere all the time! I've woven it and felted it, but never tried to crochet it.

cally said...

Ps. Hope you feel better soon.

MoonChild said...

it seems that you are working in a great job!

Px said...

Love the blog.

Hope you feel better soon.

Best wishes

cally said...

Hiya, thanks for your message. If only my hair came out in large quantities (though I'm relieved it doesn't) I'd send them to you. You are welcome to have the tangled bits from my brush but they are no delight. I have felted them with some sucess (mixed with other amterials to bind them better).

I'm glad you are getting some moments when you are able to do a bit of blog reading, it's so refreshing when you can manage it, and makes up for not getting out to shops and exhibitions etc.

That's certainly a big part of the appeal for me, and it's also why I try and vary what I show so much, my virtual life to make up for the days when I'm not well enough to lead a real one.

M.E. sucks. I still don't quite know how I got through college with ME. I don't know if that's what I have now, again, but 5 know that I use blogs to keep me sane. My poor friend MrP, I have pretty much stolen his laptop cause then I can blog in bed.

I know that wellness can be pretty elusive with ME so at the very least I hope that you are able to keep a hold of some positive thoughts on the dark days to tide you over till the days when you have more zip. Bring on the zip.

I'm wrestling with my own lack of zip at the mo and it's comforting to know that other people understand it has nothing to do with being lazy. I've never met a lazy person with ME or anything similar.

Anyway enough of my rambling, I'm just on a mini high after getting your lovely comment. I'll post some of your work soon, I've got a bit of a backlogue of posts to write up on other artists but I'll leave a note here when I post it. And if I forget (and I do, my brain is like mush when I'm ill) do do do please remind me because I think your work and the thoughts behind it are wonderful. Glad you liked Anna's work too.

Take care, wishing you wellness (I sound like an old hippy now). Cally x

Cathy said...

your work is very interesting and I enjoy seeing all that you are working on, take care and sending best wishes

natasha said...

i just happened onto your blog, and wow. your work is just lovely. i am an artist, but i also make handspun and dyed artyarns, fiber and handpainted yarns. your work is just...lovely.