Thursday, 10 May 2007

Sweet things

I just listened to Nina Simone singing I Want A Little Sugar in My Bowl and it got me I the mood for writing today’s blog. After a string of June-like days in April we had a November day in May yesterday: dark, cold, gloomy. If at least it had rained… Plus I felt crap and not up to much at all. And then a little ray of sunshine fell on me courtesy of Helle Jorgensen of gooseflesh, one of my favourite artist bloggers, when I found that she had nominated me for the Thinking Blogger Award. Thanks for that, Helle!

Apart from having an outlet for one’s own thoughts/concerns/images one of the most joyful and nourishing things about blogging is finding other interesting sites, creating links, starting to communicate. Five blogsites that I have found stimulating/inspiring/engaging/fun and which I in turn now would like to nominate for the Thinking Blogger Award are:
Welcome to my brain
All cupcakes, all the time
Have a look and you’ll see why.
And a special mention to Mandy of the gorgeous feltbug who encouraged me to start a blog. Thanks, I’m having a ball.


Antonia said...

oh hi thanks for nominating me :) did you nominate yourself? I like the spectresope and welcome to my brain as well and I agree about the community effect. blogging is a lot about finding people who are doing interesting things and I am always getting so much inspiration...

MoonChild said...

thank you for your good sharing!!

Kruse said...

Thank you for your nomination, I forget that people actually read my blog and have just posted a very stroppy feel-sorry-for-myself rant!
Perhaps I should be nominated for the Big Baby award! :-)