Monday, 14 May 2007

The good girl

My art grows around me, yes, but at the moment it feels like I’m looking at a garden with lots of green plant-life but no indication which is weeds and which is going to be something good, something worth pursuing. I’ve got so much on the go, several projects started, several more in my head, so many ideas and so little energy. But it’s not only that, it’s also a pressure from within myself to get things right the first time, a need to perform and achieve and never fail; to waste nothing, not energy, not materials, not anything. That translates into a fear of making mistakes, of experimenting, of getting messy, and yet I know that it’s there that life happens and that art lives from mistakes, from accidents, from unexpected twists and turns while doing. And it’s also what I get drawn to in some of my art, something wild and untamed and excessive, versus contained and controlled and reglemented. Maybe my biggest mistake is trying to sort the weeds from the rest before it’s time and also to overlook their beauty and purpose in the greater scheme of things.


Kruse said...

I know that feeling. Sometimes I get overwhelmed because I have so many ideas and that is good(if rare. But sometimes it is because I get sucked into a grabbing, competitive mentality, which I hate, but can't seem to avoid; its a fear generated through the awful competitiveness of the art 'scene.' Ughh.

MoonChild said...

yes~ as i'm a student, i always want to waste nothing! and time and energy are two big problems too!
but what my teacher told us was "take risk and make a mistake!"
so~ feel free from the pressure plz!

i'm happy that my words help last time! ^)u(^ the hands are the soul of my branding project, i just have many fun (also difficult) with them in my schoolwowrks!! hope you enjoy them!
My art history lessons come to an end bcoz the subject is finished. it's a pity that many hong kong school consider art history as a minor and boring subject so they wont spend much time on this! But i'm very lucky that i can spend those time with my 3 great art history teachers! they just make me in love with this subject in such a short time!