Wednesday, 2 May 2007

Words like pebbles and pearls

Last Saturday I went to a small storytelling event at a friend’s house. With my eyes closed I lay on the sofa and was transported into different worlds through words alone. No, not words alone, well-chosen beautifully spoken words, like poetry, like ancient songs, taking me right back to times when herstory/history was told orally and it mattered that you were there to hear them because it mattered who spoke them and how. Lindy Armah, the storyteller, (re)told four stories, one from England, one from Africa, one from Scotland and one from India. Journeys around the world, but with themes that are rooted and recognisable everywhere - love, longing, birth, death, hopes, dreams, tests and trials. Somewhere between the mouth that spoke those words and the ears that received them the lines were blurred between fairytale and reality, between imagination and fact, between what could be and what is.


Feltbug said...

I am intrigued by what is hanging in your tree :)

MoonChild said...

listen to story is my favorite!
Thus why i love my art history lesson!! and i'm sad that it is over in this year!
i wish i was in your friend's house that day! ^)v(^