Tuesday, 3 July 2007

Hey there

My blog is on my mind a lot, it’s become one of the things I really want to do and I hate that I have such long periods when it’s impossible. Had stuff on my mind to write about, made notes, but too tired as apart from washing of self washing of clothes of the essence today. A blog can be a whimper, a whisper, a shriek, a cry, a halting bit of speech, a steady flow of words, a stammering, a bursting forth, a tentative groping for meaning, a trickle, a pouring out, a bubbling up of laughter. Today it’s just an out-breath, a barely audible sigh


Jade said...

well it is nice to hear you sigh! Sometimes i think a picture, by itself, can be enough for a post. And that picture looks marvellous; a wonderful piece of work.

MoonChild said...

no matter what your blog is, i just enjoy reading it!
the picture is lovely!! i want to hear its story!