Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Good tidings –

I'm back and all went well, really well in fact: The exhibition papier = kunst 6 (ten artists) at KunstLANDing in Aschaffenburg looks very strong, one of my figures was chosen for the exhibition poster, I was there for the private view, my family came, friends who I hadn’t seen in years attended, feedback was positive. That the packing up and arranging for transport and other preparations took me the best part of a month and left no energy for anything else, not even to receive visitors, is another story. I got it done, with blinkers on, in slow motion, bit by bit, and I got there too. After years of mailing work to exhibitions which I couldn’t attend and where I had no influence on the presentation of my work this was a delight. And left me tired and greedy in equal measure.
I’m not content anymore with sending my art into the world, my emissaries - standing in for me while I lie on my living room floor. I guess it’s a sign of better health and energies – when you’re all exhausted you stop even wishing. But while my energies improve incrementally my wishes/urges/longings/hopes grow exponentially. They’re like a big young dog lunging forwards sidewards onwards, ready to sniff out new territories, dragging behind her, just about hanging on to the leash, her lame mistress.

Photo: unpacked figures, waiting to be placed, courtesy W.K.
More to come.


redredday said...

oh i am so happy to hear from you, Marjojo. it's been too long, no? and the words you give me...much needed, thank you...

so glad the exhibition turned out more than well. and the image above is such a great shot of your paper figures. something about them all together like this makes them even more real to me. surreal too, like one life existing in different dimensions and we get to see all of it all at once.

this post simply leaves me craving for more more...!

Kruse said...

It is so good to read that you are getting out into the world and that the world is getting to see your work. I fervently hope that your energy grows and grows - perhaps the gods have released you from your chains! :)
I hope you have a fantastic summer. K

Uschi said...

This sounds so great Marion, but I only can guess how much will and strength you needed.
So good you managed it....
Hurray to fresh energy, may it stay for long!
I must try to come to Aschaffenburg before this exhibition ends.... I'll let you know!

Amanda said...

Well done! I can completely understand the frustration once you get a "taste" of what could be. I always think I should be happier that I at least managed whatever I have managed; but as you say, it only makes you hungrier for more. Sometimes I know I have been guilty of letting those feelings get the better of me, and letting it overshadow the pleasure of my achievement. I hope you can take the positive and make it work for you.