Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Figures, not speech


Tracy said...

I love these, they are amazing.

cusp said...

Thank you for the close ups. As I said last post, I love these

Cally said...

these are a bit like how i feel just now. i stand up, i wobble, get dizzy, don't quite fall, but end up on my back anyway, because it's just easier that way.

i came to look at the images, but as always your words draw me in. i will take a dip.

Uschi said...

they are fabulous, Marion! So much expression, so much alive!
The one I like best is the one on the top of the shelve, one feet in her hand, a posture I love very much and which is very familiar to me!

Joni said...

Hi Marjojo...
I have started my blog again, after 11 years of ME it is the first year I can use my brain to work things taking pictures and putting them on a blog for instace ! I'm so thrilled about that! I finished my first year of initiation of drawing and painting, went to half of the classes, once a week, it was really hard work for me but I enjoyed it a lot !! More than poetry right now... but I am so happy for you and so proud of you with regard to your poetry course ! I suddenly remember now you got a lovely book by Sophie Calle, I know which one that is ;-), it is indeed very, very lovely! I like your exhibitions a lot, still have to learn a lot about the visual arts (only a beginner!), and all its languages, but what you do is strong and expressive...
Take good care ;-)
of yourself and your creative mind,
Joni x

Joni said...

Hi Cusp!
Thx for visiting my blog and leaving a message! I put my answer there, after your comment, cos I didn't find your blog or site.
Bye-bye and take care,

redredday said...

hi there. wondering how your exhibition is going...must be so exciting! ( was there a lot of blushing as well? ;).
lucky visitors. i'm so jealous yet another exhibition that i won't get to see.
after what you said, the third figure makes me smile too. it's still hard for me to see the lightness of these figures but i definitely see strength in all of them. what i like most is the embracing of what's raw and honest.

mansuetude said...

and yes, the word LOVE
cast shadows all over me
in the shape
of your creatives.

i hope they speak POWER!

lasuza said...

Hey Marjojo - long time since you've posted. Hope that life is treating you well. I check out your blog most days, funny these tiny little daily connections made via computers across the universe. I love your figures by the way. Be well and enjoy the summer!