Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Six year’s work

Imagine this: my living-room has been transformed into something resembling a gallery-space and a selection of six year’s art has been displayed on walls and shelves. I am there, poured into an armchair, watching people react to and interact with my work, I chat with my visitors, give clues about the background of individual pieces, receive feedback… Yes, it happened! I took part in an artists’ open studio/open house event and for a weekend showed my art here, at home, where it has been made. It was an amazing time, especially as my work inspired immense enthusiasm. People who had been here on the Saturday sent their friends the next day and my visitors’ book is filled with lovely comments by artists and art enthusiasts alike. They were all agreed that my show was unlike anything else they’d encountered on their artists’ trail. So there! I grew a couple of inches and now have to stoop to get through my doors.
And it was good for me to see my work displayed. It showed me that not only do I have enough (good and interesting) work to fill gallery spaces, but that the disparate strands sit well together, communicating with and bouncing off each other. There’s a really good exhibition here. One day…
Also shown: Not food, not air, not filth, not hair, My mother has golden hair, my Hunchbacked girl (I’m thinking of calling the work House), a winged figure, tiny dancing dresses cut from autumn-leaves, other bits and pieces and a strange hairy something which hangs from my lamp by default.
And now you know why I haven’t been posting here or have been dragging my feet answering the comments some of you left (thank you). I’m still hoping to catch up, but also very tired, esp. after a very interesting hospital appointment. As ever, please, bear with me.


lasuza said...

so happy for you - it all looks amazing - you must be thrilled and exhausted - a moment of wonder!

Uschi said...

this is so so good!!!
Your amazing artwork and this even at your home, so this wonderful gallery-athmosphere will stay there for a long while!

Kruse said...

This looked wonderful. I am very grumpy that I didn't get a chance to see these all together myself!
I can't wait until you do have an exhibition.
Well done you

Erin said...

This is so exciting. I didn't realize how big the hairy dresses were, for some reason in my mind they were about two hand lengths tall. How long are they really?
I wish wish wish I could have been there, to meet you and your work in person.
Your work is very strong as a whole and I love the way the threads split and reconnect. That is always interesting, the way one person's work old and new(when they are true to their artistic DNA) speaks toward each other. Strong work allows one to walk around the artist mind and examine new perspectives. You have a very strong exhibition easily.

p.s. Wool(sheep) + Wolf = Woolf. Also the sound of "woolf", that little half bark dogs give at the door when they know someone is approaching but they are not allowed to bark full out. A gentle warning.

elisa said...

That's a great show. May the next one be in a very pleasant gallery.
You make great work!

cusp said...

What a fantastic courageous move. It must have taken such a lot to put your show together and then be on hand to 'meet you public' and the work looks great.

I love the sculptures/figures on the shelves and the shoes.

Congratulations !

Cally said...

That is wonderful on so many levels. The work itself is so perfect (or imperfect) and yes, they clearly work well together. And to take part in an open studio event, I have always liked the idea of doing that. But most amazing of all to do it with M.E. - such a brave commitment! You inspire as always.

Clearly it worked out really well and has been a great experience for you and for those who came. I would have LOVED to have seen this. Thanks for giving me the pleasure of visiting online.