Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Alien take-over

After a brief period of improvement in July I have gone from bad to worse. Again. I should be used to this happening, but it shocks me every time anew and I deny and struggle and kick, inwardly that is, for as long as I can. Fatigue is now consuming everything, activity, movement, thinking, imagination. No more scribbling down of ideas for a better day – my head’s gone blank, my wings hang limp like damp dishtowels. During the days it’s taken me to write this the sky too has been the colour of unloved washed-out greyish-white underwear - just when I need the warm tips of the sun's rays to tickle me awake.
Time to give in, give up, give over, for a while. Back when I’m up to it.


edgesofvision said...

That's a great poem, Marjojo – and a fine title, too.

redredday said...

Marjojo, i'm still thinking of you, digging up some names you mentioned. i feel really out of it these days. haven't made anything at all but i will soon (i think)! started reading A Brief History of the Dead by Kevin Brockmeier...some mind-broadening stuff...some parts hard for me to read but i like it a lot so far.

it looks like a heart, the top part of the figure. i like that you kept her feet intact. they are cute. but that is probably what adds more to the unsettling, alien-ness of the figure? don't want your wings to hang like damp dishtowels. please be back soon... ♡

Roxana said...

how are you, Marjojo?
the little alien is so cute. I hope to read and see you back soon.

edgesofvision said...

Hello Marjojo,

I’m wondering if you’re aware of this poetry competition. The theme is ‘Relationships’. Here’s the URL. And, good luck to you ;–)