Thursday, 18 December 2008

Happy holidays!

I’m flying off towards the new year and will leave you with my (currently) favourite lines, from a book that the lovely Mien sent me:

'Yes before now I have been a boy and a girl
And a bush and a bird and a languageless fish in the sea.'

(Empedokles, fragment 117)
in Anne Carson’s response to Roni Horn’s work:
Wonderwater: Alice Offshore, p. 85

You know why. Let's all be everything we can be! Wishing you a happy healthy creative peaceful & communicative 2009. See you then.

The flying femme was made in 2004, a birthday present for my mom.
Materials: Newsprint and masking tape
Dimensions: 60 cm x 9 xm x 36 cm


redredday said...

oh! this is so unexpected! the image startled me. delighted to see a new post, as always. oh look, from this post to mine, my paper underwear for your flying femme, isn't it appropriate? ;). my mom would be so blushing if i made something like this and gave it to her. heheh. i love it. so brave and out there.

have a wonderful flight and happy holidays! :).

p.s. so funny your comment on finishing your crochet bra. yes, please finish soon. no hang hang. ahaha :D.

Joni said...

Hi Marjojo !
I will come back later and comment and write ;), just to say hi now, and wish you happy holidays 2 !!!
Love, Joni x

Kruse said...

Happy New Year Marjojo.
Here's to strength, joy and baeuty...

mansuetude said...

reminds me of a notation in a Toni Morrison book about this figure called "the teeth mother" or something like that... when the child would try to crawl back inward to the womb, the "teeth" would rip him up... so he couldn't enter into, and stay a child.

Happy New year to you and your very poetic friend, Mien. I love the Anne Carson speech.

Robyn said...

Oh I love the flying femme! A Redreday said.