Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Not flying, but lying down

Happy New Year to you all!
Had a lovely time with family and friends over Xmas-period, but very tired now and not up to much at all. The internet is heaven-sent in times like this – it is like an open window through which I speak to all kinds of people; where I lower my basket on a string, empty, and lightly draw it back up, filled with groceries or books or information or a red winter-coat - all without ever leaving the flat.
It’s nice not to have the focus on being ill. You can be as slow as you like – no hassle. Nobody knows if your speech is slurred from tiredness, or how many times you’ve had to go back to the computer to get that message written. Better still, nobody knows (unless you tell them) if you’re still in your pj’s or even wearing yesterday’s clothes, if your hair is by its wash-by-date or if it’s one of those lucky days when you’ve finally triumphed and washed your hair in the morning and it feels silken and soft, almost as if it isn't yours, but a soft warm animal having temporarily landed on your head and letting its long fur hang while it snoozes. Not today though.
So for now the internet makes for my most consistent link to the wider world: During those times when I’m too unwell to get out or see friends or even have telephone conversations, I still creep to my computer to check for e-mails or messages on my blog, which I may or may not answer or even fully read, but just for that feeling of connection. Thanks for bearing with me - I don't answer my messages as often as I'd like to. And thanks for keeping them coming.
And again, loudly: Happy New Year to you all!


A rambling rose said...

Hi Marjojo
Just wanted to say how much I love your beautiful and fragile work - I was struck down with ME in the early 90's and know how dreadful it can be - but no blogs in those days so I can appreciate how important the contact to the outside world is to you! Thank you for sharing your thoughts and creativity - you are truly inspirational

A rambling rose said...

And I forgot to say a very happy New Year to you!

Joni said...

Hello Marjojo !
Happy New Year to you !
I completely identify with what you are writing ;), thanks for sharing that ... I cannot begin to describe how often I am thinking... NOBODY KNOWS ... Most of the time I feel happy about that and even proud... Sometimes so awful and desperate, though...
Keep up the beautiful and good work ! Let' hang in there ...
Lots of love,
Joni xxx

Cusp said...

.....and Happy New Year to you too. I hope you continue to maintain your art practice and develop all you attained last year.

Cusp x

Catherine said...

pyjamas, a hot cup of tea, comfort, friendly words, a world out there but distant, mornig blues, reality for many of us whatever our situation. This is why your works talks to me, your connected gloves, your dresses with unending arms your paper women... reality, unexplainable, real, harsh at times but shared. hugs Cx.

Anonymous said...

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