Friday, 29 May 2009

Breast egg

At my most tired everything flies away from me and until my faculties return I feel like an empty nest in which only a few straggly feathers flutter. It’s been one of those M.E.-shrouded weeks, not only was I physically exhausted, but I couldn’t read, think, write, only managed a few aimless crochet stitches. In my fury I am like a big buzzing fly trapped under a glass dome, which keeps hurtling itself painfully against invisible walls and remains unable to understand what separates it from the world. Same fly’s urgent hum seems to rhyme to ‘Carpe diem’, which only increases my frustration as will power is of no help at all. It loses all meaning when you’re to energy like a holey jug to water. But today there are drops. What about drops? I can do with drops…
The month of May hasn’t been all bad, to the contrary. With the help of friends I participated again in the local artists’ open house event at the beginning of the month. I presided from my IKEA-armchair, watching my art perform somersaults, cart-wheels, saltos on a string in my stead. Rings were thrown into the air and caught and thrown back with enthusiasm, laughter and emotional acuity by those who visited, and lively conversations ensued. Then my mom came and we had a few lovely days together, with one esp. memorable outing to Tate Modern, where the artwork puzzled, amazed and delighted her and I finally saw work by two artists who I’ve long admired and whose art I only know from books: Ana Mendieta and Marisa Merz.
So there, today's drops have been squeezed. Next chance I get I'll visit your blogs.

Pin cushion
Materials: synthetic yarn, cotton, polyester filling
Dimensions: 19 cm x 11 cm x 12 cm


Anonymous said...

I find this image/object disturbing. The needles or pins seem invasive. On the surface this should not be the case - a pin cushion is a useful thing and crochet is not necessarily a threatening activity. No doubt due to recent encounters (and not personal experience) of the pervasiveness of breast cancer. Apologies if I am sounding heavy but this has been dominant in my life during the last few weeks.

Marjojo said...

Please don't apologise! We do bring our own experiences to art, don't we, in all kinds of forms. And actually, For me the object is ambiguous, hovering between something that is useful and fun, and something that disturbs, speaks of pain, also of nurturing and being depleted.

mansuetude said...

that is one incredible pin cushion--there is a lurking pun milking itself in my consciosness, but alas. Powerful creepy painful and funny too.

Fill yourself with sunshine.

A rambling rose said...

The pin cushion so described visually what your words say - I wasn't sure whether to laugh or cry till I read your words and now I know why - a poignant description of how you are feeling - thank you for sharing and hope your energy levels improve soon

Anonymous said...

Thaks for finding me - I love this!

May I use the image on my blog - with full gushy credits ,

of course!