Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Wings of lead

O.k., so I’m still very tired and I can’t get words to fly in formation or stitches to curl around each other, but a book came in the post today and I read aloud a poem I love: Little Sleep's-Head Sprouting Hair In The Moonlight by Galway Kinnell, and something in me surged and something in me sang. Read it too!
In a letter from a German friend I found more treasures: she’d cut out for me from Le Monde photographs of the work of Chiharu Shiota, who I hadn’t heard of before. Her art blows my mind, it is powerful and dark and sensitive, and so evocative. It is of this world and others that we hardly dare dream about. Oh, it makes something in me surge too, but also sink sink sink as the quality of the work and how it stirs and touches and pierces makes me question my own and leaves me doubtful about its (relative) quality. Won’t stop me though. Fingers are twitching, words swimming up from way down deep, an idea may just be forming.


Anonymous said...

I need to read 'Wings of lead' many times but it clicks in to images I've had of feet of lead/feather wings. Flight/bound, etc. And I love the website you have included. Thank you. I too am overawed by its scale, rigour. I know exactly what you mean (I think!) about where do I fit in to the scheme of things when you see such wonderful explorations.

mansuetude said...

something in me surged and something in me sang.

this is as simple as it gets! we need to follow this beloved sense within us!


mansuetude said...

i LOVE that poem, a NOW in me, an echo! :)

thank you

swiss said...

i shouldn't worry about it. that poem above is rather lovely (as usual!) so if this is you struggling...! lol

i'm just after finishing somehting that's been bugging me. it was most frustrating but i got over it when i realised i was spending too much time thinking rather than writing. so i got my big bit of paper and just started meandering thru the words as they came into my head. sure enough, ten minutes later, job done.

list poems, found poems etc are all good for when you feel your head's not working. either that or just good old copying. takes your mind of thinking about what you want to do and lets you get the feel of someone elses writing in your hands etc - you're a practical artist as well so you shouldn;t be forgetting this aspect.

that said, i;ve still never done your shoe poem but i can feel it in my head!