Thursday, 25 November 2010

Changeling 5

This one could roll down the road like a wheel of cheese or hang in the night sky when the moon is tired. She is so cute she'd have to wear a sign saying "Do NOT tickle!" Her chuckle-belly is hers alone.
I crocheted her from the inside out, as if she were spinning into existence from her bellybutton, using two different crochet hooks, one following the other.
Two more to come.

Materials: crocheted from Jaggerspun Zephyr Wool-Silk
Dimensions: 39 cm x 39 cm

PS. The last few months I've had internet problems and haven't been able to look at your blogs, alas. Hope to do just that when energy allows, reconnect.


Andrea... said...

I am intrigued!

redredday said...

oh such happy beautiful goldenness! yes she can be our new moon. i love her! i think this may be my next favorite after the very first Changeling. in a perfect world, this would be how i imagine childhood and kids should be. no evilness, no complicated conflicting feelings. just very full of pure joy and fun.

mansuetude said...

love your description almost as much, too.

ah, i see a shield, twined out of the young heart to be carried

soul mandalla to wear and grow into, with...

a spider web of trembling sensibility (a sensitive's frock)


Susan Kruse said...

" if she were spinning into existence from her bellybutton..."


And what a lovely, lovely Changeling she is.

A rambling rose said...

my imagination runs riot! what a delightful changeling she is!

Uschi said...

this is the happiest thing I've seen from your hand!
It jumps to my imagination with no hesitation.
Perhaps it's all our good memories...

grrl + dog said...

two hooks?
Now you have my interest...

Lesley B. said...

Each new changeling brings new joys

Julia da Franca said...

...after reading your whole blog yesterday, i hope you don't mind if i write you in german!?
das war eine wunderbare reise, deine arbeiten hauen mich um. die haarigen kleider (immer wieder mein thema, haarige herzen... die überlangen arme) die krake zum überstülpen, ach ALLES! wundervoll, anrührend und mir so merkwürdig vertraut, ich kenne sie, aber nicht weil ich sie schonmal gesehen habe, sondern von innen.
klingt vielleicht merkwürdig. und sie lösen bei mir auf jedenfall auch ein lachendes und ein weinendes auge aus! wie schön.
viele grüsse, julia

Julia da Franca said...

...think my last comment was lost in space.
hope you don't mind if i write you in german!?
ich bin so zutiefst beeindruckt von deiner arbeit.
die haarigen kleider, das keine haarige haus, die langarmigen, ich bin zutiefst gerührt und habe das gefühl alles ganz genau zu kennen, nicht weil ich es schon einmal gesehen habe, sondern aus meinem inneren. wirklich auch zum lachen UND zum weinen schön! viele grüsse, julia