Thursday, 6 January 2011

Happy New Year to all!


She drops a mouth of pebbles
in cupped hands, each hungry year
a dun, spit-speckled stone.

And like a skein of goslings
her first words rise,
her tongue, that tired muscle,
measuring the span of wings,
trying, lala, lala,
a song of change.


mansuetude said...

Happy New year to you!

"her first words rise"

every day of her life, these words
are the first
the song of every minute i am
every minute i create

lasuza said...

Dear Marion,
This is an extraordinary poem, the mouth of dun pebbles, measuring time, the tired tongue singing the song of change. Thank-you, these words echoed deeply with me today. I want to stride on the sand and build a tower of stones for Sybil,
Happy New Year to you,

Susan Kruse said...

Thank you for dropping words to my blog. The 'tired tongue singing' bought words that were a gift at a much-needed time. Often because of you I keep going.

Cally said...

M, your blog comment came in through my email, Happy New Year to you blog friend. I've missed having energy to blog and to read blogs so this annual dip into yours has been a real treat. Your textiles change and inspire as always and your poetry has grown so much. Every year I love it and can't imagine it could be improved, yet your voice gets clearer, stronger each time I visit.

Reading this one now has me wriggling my tongue around imagining pebbles in my mouth. As a child I liked to put marbles in just to roll them around. Also making me think of my ceramic belly stones and how they felt in cupped hands. Your work always makes me think creatively.

My ME has kept me off blog but on good days I devote my time to the garden and even now I'm nurturing (too) many seeds and cuttings in the house in preparation for Spring. Already they begin to stretch upwards, they know there time is coming.

I will blog again eventually. I'd hoped to do a New Year post but winter has been hard. The garage roof collapsed under the snow last month and the house roof leaked water inside twice. The possibility of losing decades of work has made me want to document it in photo books.

Until now I've only done books of my travels. It brings opportunities to combine old pieces in new ways which satisfies my creative needs while my hands don't work so well. Just need to rig up an over head tripod, can't get anything in focus anymore, shaky hands.

Will post this now and return to scan some of your previous posts of the year. I know it will fill my senses and make me forget the cold.

Wishing you well, with words and work, and with self and garden. Cx

Marjojo said...

Thank you, all.
Susan: right back at you.
Cally was here!!!

Cally said...

I did a blog post, highlighting the miracle of my having managed something. Not the most creative of endeavours but you are one person who definitely knows than when energy is sapped all achievements feel amazing. Thanks for inspiring me to finish what I started and actually put it out there.