Friday, 3 May 2013

Back with foundlings in tow

Material: Crocheted from cotton-thread

Dimensions: 24 cm x 28 cm

Dimensions: 24 cm x 27.5 cm

Dimensions: 22.5 cm x 27 cm

Dimensions: 23.5 cm x 40 cm

Dimensions: 22 cm x 39.5 cm

Dimensions: 19.5 cm x 30 cm

Dimensions: 18.5 cm x 27.5 cm

Although I enjoy blogging as part of Artists Talking I've missed posting here, partly because over the years (on-line) relationships developed that I don't want to leave behind, partly because this is accessible to a much wider audience and leads to encounters beyond all kinds of borders. And the image size allows a much better/closer view of the work. I'll be trying to maintain both blogs for a while, see how it goes what with not having amazing amounts of energy at my disposal. Expect duplications!
Have proposed a little pact to my bbf Mien of Redredday who is also thinking about going back to blogging, along the lines of I will if you will. Well - I have, Mien. PLEASE come out and play.
Thought I'll introduce you to my foundlings, inspired by a visit to the Foundlings Museum a couple of years ago.


Erin Curry said...

yayayay! You are back! Now Mien, please return . . .

Can't tell you how much I love your foundlings the way they are photographed here is very painterly and compelling, the become somewhere between clothes and shaped strange canvases and they are sweet and weird and and and

red said...

omg Marjojo thank you so much for the pictures! they are even better seeing them in hardcopy than on the screen. how did you take such good quality photos of your work? they came out amazing! i love them, especially the wrapped shoes and the last two foundlings shown here. i think maybe because it makes me think of a little tumbling boy.

so happy to see you back here!! and Erin too! i'm gonna try extra hard to be back up with my blog. it's just hard being away for so long, not sure where to even begin. still no new art yet :(. i envy both yours and Erin's recent works. envy with love :). xxxooo

Erin Curry said...

Mien, You have artist eyes, take pictures for us and start in the middle. Blogs are about being in the current.

Marjojo said...

Dear Mien, I wanted you to have those photos. Took them myself and photoshopped the background away, which took a little while...
Erin is right! Start in the middle or at the back or whatever, you've always managed to enchant with anything you posted, don't you remember. The magic Mien-touch will work again. Just try.

lasuza said...

I think my comment just fell into the digital void.. it's getting late to write another, but just to say I am SO happy you are back here and SO in agreement with Erin that Mien should return..reading you here is like drinking tea with a treasured old friend..really lovely..made my day!