Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Memory work 1

Veteran's girl (2013)
 Dimensions: 45 cm x 26 cm
Materials: crocheted from wool/polyester yarn

Most of my work over the last few years has been concerned with childhood memory, its shifting grounds, fictions, inflections. I’m becoming more interested in what we can’t concretely remember, because it is not part of our experience, but are affected by: inherited memory. How we are embedded in time, history, through the accident of when and were we are born, but more specifically through our family history. When does a person’s past start? Is there ever a point at which we have no past?

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mansuetude said...

Inherited memory! The power of it. Because its magnetic pull always there, and culture drenched, narrative of Identity soaked...

Thanks for coming over to visit. I agree about the way a word spoken, and memorized, the power of language changes us when it moves through the body, one reason going to plays and Opera is so resoundingly moving. All that energy -- unlike the intimacy of reading and or being online with text.