Tuesday, 20 March 2007

Five perfect maidens (1)

Stitches, stings, pricks, pins, loops, needles, hooks, threads, a stitch here, a stitch there, nothing nothing, another stitch, something. Needlework, girls’ work, threadbare work, hairy furry work, artwork.
Female body hair is such an object of cultural anxieties and pressures, and crocheting little hairy dresses seemed a good way to play with some of these notions, have some fun with them. Beauty and repulsiveness are close together. A sense of unease here stemming from the borders between inside and outside, between natural and controlled, being permeable and unstable.
The dresses are small, but intense and a bit scary in a fairy-tale sort of way. They are loaded with humour, anxiety and contradiction, or so I hope.

1 comment:

Jade said...

I love this hairy one! Yeah female hair is a weird thing, in the right place it's good, but the wrong place and many hours and plenty of money spent getting rid of it. Very strange.