Wednesday, 7 March 2007

Here is one I made earlier

Normally I am surrounded by what I have made and what I am making. I have just moved and my art is still in boxes, apart from the piece I am working on now. I feel almost disoriented without my art around me and am surprised myself by how elusive my identity as an artist seems. It's been a while since I've had work in an exhibition, well, several months really, and posting work now feels like a good move towards getting my work seen and getting feedback for it.
At the moment I am crocheting, something which I can do lying down, which is brilliant, as I'm not very well just now. I love seeing the ball of wool diminish slowly and becoming formless and the new piece growing and taking shape. It's as good a way as any of measuring time and achievement. My ideas and influences come from myths and fairytales, childhood memories, artbooks, my materials from haberdashery departments, hair shops, paper shops...


Andye said...

Hi yer Marion,
Sorry to hear yer a bit poorly!!!!
I wanted to say a big thank you for helping Siobhan with her Foundation studies.
She has got a lot from it so many many thanks.
Good to see the next part of your creativity.
Keep it up!!!!
Have to meet up again soon,
Best wishes,
Andy xxx

An said...

Dear Marion

Thank you for keeping me posted. It's a brilliant way to show your process and what is being realised around you. Especially because you can show both your thoughts and pieces. And get responses!
It's a shame I still have not seen most of your work though..
I really find the leggs quite intriguing.
I hope you feel better soon and look forward to seeing and hearing more.


Ana Laura said...

Hi Marion

It is great to be able to see your work in this way, specially for me - homebound by different circumstances - as I never manage to make it to any exhibitions anyway. There is something very interesting about this idea, that work that is intensely private in its making should be shown also in an intimate way, here I am looking at it all by myself.
I loved the description of you making the work whilst reclining, the walking legs seem to carry some of that daydreaming quality only achieved in calmness.
Congratulations, and thanks for sharing it.

Ana Laura

Feltbug said...

Hey Marion ! This is great - I am so pleased you are doing this - it will be lovely to see more of your beautiful work.
Love Mandy xxx