Sunday, 18 March 2007

Work in progress

When I come to the end of a piece, close to finishing it, when it just needs those decisive touches to become what it is meant to be, I often, in fact most of the time, have a crisis of confidence and get close to unravelling tearing up crossing out destroying the work. Then I have to really force myself to let it lie or hang for a while and allow it to come back to tell me exactly what it wants to be. This relatively short time of indecision, short in terms of how much time I’ve spent working on the piece until then, is so hard to bear. I want to know and know immediately what it is and that it is something and that it is something good.
I am at this point now with a piece that I’ve been working on for months and have been imagining for even longer and it just doesn’t look right although it’s almost finished and yesterday I wanted nothing more than to take the scissors to it but didn’t. I am looking at it now, as I write.

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