Thursday, 15 March 2007

Here's one I made earlier (3)

Continuing with the theme of long arms here is a figure which I exhibited two years ago at The Surgery, a brilliant artist-led space in Nunhead/London. I have been working on a group of figures made from newspaper and masking tape for a while now and you’ll see more in time. The process is a simple but effective one: I crumple up newspaper, press it into shape, wind tape around it and thus slowly build up and form bodies. The newsprint remains visible through the gaps and at times shines through the masking tape. My focus is on the female body. I am interested in posture and movement, not just for themselves but as a way to manifest emotional states. Also ambiguous states of mind and body: the figures give a sense of inner strength as well as vulnerability, of pain as well as pleasure.

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ainesse said...

I absolutely love this makes me think of artists such as Louise Bourgoise ( though I only like SOME of her pieces). Yes..I would like to see more of this type of creativity here on this site. If you look at my blog/links on it -- you might get a sense of why I like this type of thing because yes.....theres something of the imaginative/poetic there too. Well - I like to think so. To me this quality is the MOST important quality that an artists need to have in their work. You got plenty.............Aine