Saturday, 25 August 2007


Oh, the sun is out! I sit in the garden, my sunny spot near the door, still wearing layers and layers of clothing as this week has been more like October than August. I’m tilting my face towards the sun with eyes closed, feel warmth spreading over me and see pulsing floating undulating reds across which move darker cloudy flecks. Surprise: Rubbing my eyes turns the colours to green back to red back to green. Depending on where my hands move luminous oranges turn into yellow then red again, turning darker with brighter red webs moving across and dazzling green fields of light flaring up and disappearing again. Sometimes a shining red almost orange moves centrifugally across my field of closed-eyes-vision, then a fiery orange and purple-red with emerald-green coming up from below. Even just moving my eyelids (no hands) changes the colours: it’s best when frowning as a dark but very vibrant red (crimson?) appears with violet streaks. Oh what joy. And now my cardigan is off too.


Cathy said...

Love the image, words also. Thank you.

redredday said...

dear dear Marjojo, what you wrote in your last comment...i was left numb when i first read it...did not know what to feel and how to respond. it is strange to have someone see your work and pinpoint precisely what is it.
i've been sleeping so much the last couple of days since i got back from my trip. in the midst of it, the rawness comes back at me and i do know that physical pain of loss. it is even hard to just write that down finally instead of deleting it before i could get to it.

the image here is startling (does the hand belong to the head or someone else?) but your words breathe life and i am also pulled towards the colors you are seeing.

Debbie Egizio said...

Amazing image and words!

Marjojo said...

Thanks so much for your comments, Cathy, Debbie and Mien!
I find the image startling myself. Had played around with crocheted red doily-thingemy that just didn't want to become anything, but when held over my face like that I felt something new was happening, something a bit more dangerous than I've managed so far with my crocheted work, something interesting, challenging, quite beautiful, slightly disturbing, slightly off. It's work in progress, there is something that I haven't got right with the image, maybe it's the pose, or that the hand is there too, although I find that intriguing as it's unclear if it's mine or somebody else's (it's mine). Well, I guess I'm feeling my way here, let's see where it takes me.

redredday said...

you are beautiful, Marjojo.