Friday, 10 August 2007

Just now, this morning

Wednesday was such a good day: I read in and delighted in and almost cried over a wonderful new book, made a couple of drawings for new ideas, did a bit of writing and some more crocheting in the garden, talked to some friends, all in small doses, but I felt good and alive to the world. Yesterday was entirely different, one of these tired days when my body just doesn’t function, limbs are leaden, things keep falling out of my hands, and worse: everything in me is dimmed by fatigue and I can’t think any new thoughts, can’t take anything in, even my imagination is mostly evaporated. Knowing what is good for me I still spent a lot of the day outside, lying on my sunbed wrapped in cardigans and wearing big socks which should be confined to the wardrobe in August but it was chilly. I was as ever surrounded by my tools of the trade: sketchbook, pens and writing paper, some Greek tales, some crocheting and a delicious pot of strong coffee, but no drawings were made, no words were written and I was glad that I could just follow some train of thought that had already been set in motion with the crocheting I’d started the day before.
Now it's Friday morning, I’m sitting here, writing this, still in my pj’s but feeling awake for now. NOW. So I’m presenting hairdress 3 of 4 without further ado, then I’ll have breakfast and go outside and I hope lateron I’ll be checking some of the blogs I like, of other artists, look at their work and read their thoughts and get inspired by their work too. This may well be a good day, if not, at least a good morning. The sun is shining.


Kruse said...

I love that you are hanging these on the branches. I love this work very much. What you give to the world, your art and the effort to make your art, and the fact that you keep doing it even when it is tough; is a gift without price.
I love that we are able to share our work and ideas, many people looking and loving what you do, people that you could never contact without this internet malarky.I really want to see these in the flesh though, gotta have a show!

redredday said...

so glad to hear that you had such a good day on Wednesday. hope the weekend has been a good one too.

when i first saw this hairdress, it made me think of my sister when she was little ballet dancing with the other little kids. they all had their hair tied up in these little buns and wearing those mesh-like poofy dresses. so cute.
this one feels a bit more gentler than the one of the Perfect Maiden where there is just one of the loop buns. but it still startled me when i came back to look at it again. (cannot look at the close-up images too long without feeling a bit queasy, uneasy.) but i still keep wanting to look though. (and touch!)

sure wish for that invention you mentioned. ;).

your feedback on the Opening print got me moving beyond these pretty colors that i keep trying to get to work. not sure why exactly the trigger as it's been so long ago that i barely remember how i came to make that print. but yesterday i painted strokes and strokes of mixed black even though the act of it was really making me uncomfortable and broken. but at least i am starting to feel part of it, instead of just at a distance.