Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Played myself a drawing

Actually drawing is such a frightening thing to me, not sure why, maybe it's the blank white paper. Have been trying out different ways to get around that and played myself this drawing: took a girl's dress, cut it along the seams and laid it out. Initially it felt a bit difficult to cut into something entirely o.k., felt like almost wanton destruction. Isn't that a funny word, 'wanton'? Of course I can't use an intriguing word without checking my trusted Thesaurus for further clues and found that it has much more meaning than I knew of and a lot of it referring to women, which of course interests me even more. You'll have to look it up yourself as I'm getting too tired to sit at the computer. Funny that, really only meant to post the pix and then find myself typing away, running behind my own train of thoughts which I'll cut of now.
(Wished I'd taken more care when cutting so that the 'lost' shapes had clearer shapes as I find them interesting too. Next time.)


MoonChild said...

thanks for interested in the book that i'm going to make it for myself!
it's a book for recording my summer internship in Nex Brandind design company ^)v(^ i just quit at yesterday, i'll miss all the people there!
i hope i hv got enough time to finished it in this summer! (you know school's days is coming!)

and it's interesting that i saw your play in dress, actually i'm planing to make use of some old clothes to make something but i'm not sure what it will be! i wish i can find something interesting when i play with it as same as your play!

Kruse said...

Thanks for your comments on my blog. I reckon we should have a show entitled 'whispers in an age of noise.'
'Grief' was actually about a grief as it was made after my sister died. I get the notion of weeping so many tears you turn to water. It feels like that!
I like your play drawing. I am fascinated by the edges of broken garments, and the edges where fabric has become worn away. There are secret hidden drawings within garments that can be uncovered bit by bit through unpicking. The best garments to unpick are coats or well made suits (old ones) you will discover a wealth of hidden stitches, unknown, unconsidered marks of the tailor's craft. Beautiful.

redredday said...

hi Marjojo, can i just tell you how pleased i am that you ordered Autobiography of Red? very pleased. :). very curious what you'd think of it. you'll have to be very honest and let me know. i sent one to a friend but don't think he was able to get into it... :/.

i checked out what Kruse (so glad to know about her work!) was talking about regarding grief and weeping and now i can't get it out of my mind either what you mentioned about the story of Cyane and how she cries and cries for the rape of Persephone. makes me want to read the book. the writing is not too hard to understand, is it?

funny you asked about the crying girl because i was just covering it up the other day by chance and feeling much comfort in doing that without knowing i would. still unable to decide what to do with it. can't seem to cut it up yet.

i find it so daring how you cut up the dress. like Moonchild, i had also been planning to to make use of some old clothes. the only cuts i would think to make are at the sleeves, the bottoms, or some joining seams. never just the center, the filling parts between the seams.
i looked up wanton and typed in wonton by mistake. hahah. i am hungry.

Anne-Laure said...

This piece particularly caught my eye, the top one especially, maybe because I am partial to lines but also becasue it brings out new forms from a shape that is so familiar.