Saturday, 7 April 2007

Destruction, but not wanton

This morning I finally started to unravel a good part of the dress I’ve been crocheting. I’ve known for weeks that the shape of the dress just wasn’t right but postponed its undoing until now as it pained me to have to do it all again. It’s the skirt that has had to go. I don’t work from patterns, just make things up as I crochet along, and this time got it wrong. So in the morning I set to it and found it a strangely pleasing exercise which came with its own rhythms and little noises. Pulling the thread to unravel the stitches (about 13720 double crochet stitches in all) each stitch seemed to give up its shape only reluctantly and with a tiny pop. Then the dropping of the winding curls of wool (the softest of thuds) before taking hold of the thread again, stretching it taut, and pulling apart more of my work. The resulting tangled heaps of wiggly curly woolworms please me so much that now I don’t want to use this wool for crocheting again but use it as it is.
The image is an enlarged close-up of part of the pattern that was…

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