Monday, 2 April 2007

Here’s one I made earlier (4)

Looking at the image I published on the 23rd of March and today’s, of a paper-figure I made a couple of years ago, I’m thinking about how I keep revisiting themes that interest me, or more precisely keep returning to a particular kind of mental picture, not always consciously. It’s a certain kind of imagery that keeps grabbing hold of me, that I react and respond to and that I use to express something as yet inchoate and maybe once it becomes clearer to me I’ll move on. Is it my restricted mind that has its curly tentacles out and only ever seizes on similarly shaped ideas or is it that I, as an artist, keep trying to encircle a theme, a notion, again and again, in different ways, in different media, in different formations - in an attempt to really get to the ever elusive bottom of it?

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Jade said...

they are wonderful, so full of character. Like strange puppets.
I often feel i am going in circles, but then maybe spirals is a more appropriate analogy - it is never really the same...