Wednesday, 18 April 2007

Wished I was there

A friend of mine was in New York a couple of weeks ago and on my request brought back the catalogue for the exhibition radical lace and subversive knitting at the Museum of Arts and Design. Looking through the catalogue just now I was again swooning with delight – there I such an amazing variety of work, small scale and monumental, sumptuous and minimal, handmade and computer-produced, full of colour and texture and bare and restrained. All kinds of materials – wools, artificial fibres, lead, newsprint, metals, glass, porcelain and more. Every time I open the book I find a new favourite and most of all I just wish I could be there myself and see the work for real, how it fills the spaces, how it feels to look at the pieces and relate to them bodily, not touch them of course, although I know I would want to, but step back and look from afar and go close and check out the details. I imagine smells too. Beam me there Scotty…
I am not sure if I’m allowed to reproduce some of their images so I’ll give you one of mine, which I’ll call ‘every day I tried to be good’.

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