Tuesday, 10 April 2007

Something new

I finished this dress the other week. It’s great to see it up, hanging on its double coat-hanger. The dress moves me. A thick layer of fabric crocheted from thick babyblue synthetic yarn. Two small puffed sleeves on a dress with two necklines, heavy folds shaping the skirt. I am thinking of Barthes’ concept of the punctum, that small detail in an image that makes something shift in the viewer’s heart. Not sure if it’s the puffed sleeves that do it for me, or the fact that this dress is made up of big double stitches crocheted with yarn that makes your hands sweat while it moves through your fingers.
The dress is substantial and has real presence and in that is different from the similar dress I posted here on 23 March, which only exists as an image which I constructed from the photo of another dress I made a while ago. But what does presence imply here?

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